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The quality and suitability of the human resource pool is the key driving force of organizational growth. A highly professional team of Prolific HR, an associate company of the DTDC Group, helps you acquire the right talent most efficiently. We are among the best job consultancy in Bangalore offering innovative HR solutions to help you improvise manpower productivity with high employee satisfaction.

Our pool of HR professionals with vast and diversified industry experience helps you achieve the right balance of organizational goals and employee happiness. It is not just about hiring the right talent, but purposeful smooth induction. We help you streamline your human resource management according to regulatory requirements and achieve desired results. Our friendly and robust system makes us the best job consultancy in Bangalore.


If you are worried about your HR strategy, then you are at the right place to get the right guidance from a vast pool of expert HR consultants in Bangalore. We are among the best manpower consultancy in Bangalore, offering full-service to take care of all your HR worries. Struggling to revamp your company’s culture according to changing business dynamics? You can rely on us as we have an excellent track record of refining job culture according to your vision and requirement.


When it comes to HR consultancy in Bangalore, we are second to none. Our job consultancy offers insights, oversight, and advice as and when required. We understand the challenges of managing payroll, especially if you are a start-up and scaling aggressively. Our HR consultancy in Bangalore will help you not just hire the best talents but make it easy for you to manage payroll with all statutory compliance requirements. The idea is to help you remain focused on core business and achieve desired goals. 

Prolific HR Consultancy 

We are here to help job applicants get suitable job opportunities in MNCs smoothly. We believe in offering flexible and customized HR consultancy to companies so that they could focus on core business and achieve success. Our innovative approach is focused on reducing costs and improving operational efficiency. Work with the best job consultancy of Bangalore to hire the best talents. Prolific HR, an associate company of DTDC Group, was founded with a core idea to enhance the human resource capital of every business. Visualizing the dynamic shift happening in the job market, we evolved a robust process of payroll outsourcing and job consultancy in Bangalore to help businesses hire suitable talents with ease and manage human capital efficiently and effectively. Hiring quality manpower, training them for operation suitability, and retaining them is an uphill task for any company. We have a qualified team of professionally trained manpower consultants in Bangalore to help businesses remain free of hiring and payroll challenges.

Our simple and highly-refined candidate profiling system helps companies find suitable talents from the vast pool of talented workforce in real-time. The passion and hard work to build a strong human resource bridge connecting candidates and companies make us the best HR consultancies in Bangalore. Prolific HR consultant is helping several top-notch MNCs to attract productive talents, find valuable aspirants suitable for matching job profiles. Robust candidate profiling by our job consultants ensures staff turnover reduction, cutting hiring expenses, and improvising HR effectiveness. Our vast experience of payroll outsourcing helps us offer custom payroll solutions covering companies of all sizes and scale. Prolific manpower consultants in Bangalore work with companies to understand specific requirements to offer refined and customized payroll solutions. Our core competency is in creating a perfect work-life balance for the successful operation of companies.  

Our Services

We understand your pain of hiring, retaining and managing talents. Accordingly, we have developed a highly flexible and customized HR solution to meet all your needs from start to finish. Be with the best manpower consultancy of Bangalore and let your company achieve new heights. Our deep understanding of the dynamism of human resources helps us find creative solutions to solve your administrative challenges. To make it easy and simple for companies, we have a whole range of services to manage the workforce efficiently at minimum possible cost. We are second to none in job consultancy in Bangalore. Our flexible and customized solutions suit companies of all sizes, scale, and types. Our track record and esteemed client base inspire us to innovate constantly to serve even better. Known for expertise in manpower consultancy in Bangalore, we are here to help you take the business forward with a better bottom-line. Our robust candidate profiling system helps you acquire the best talents suitable for your business goals. Our custom payroll outsourcing services take care of all your statutory challenges. We have a meticulously designed training module to help your manpower improve productivity with happiness. You are with the best job consultancy of Bangalore, so once you are with us you won’t have to worry about strategic HR issues, whether it is statutory compliance, employee benefit plan structuring, compensation strategy, hiring, retaining or terminating employees. 

Our Team

We believe that empowering the manpower is critical for business success. Our highly experienced and and passionate team makes us the most admired manpower consultants in Bangalore. We help you refine your work culture through smart hiring, effective training & retention, and efficient payroll solutions. We are here to make your human resources more valuable. Prolific HR is home to several master craftsmen from all walks of life with a common goal to help clients achieve the perfect balance of productivity and happiness. Our professionals are the best in the league of job consultancy in Bangalore. A deep understanding of human traits and vast industry experience makes our professionals best in talent sourcing and HR outsourcing services. Our team is driven by a passion to help clients meet the HR goals efficiently. The quality is integral to our system. That’s not all; our job consultants deliver quality consistently, without fail. For the Prolific HR team, the rule is simple “not one solution fits all”. This approach keeps the Prolific HR consultants focused on finding unique and innovative solutions for an individual client. Our HR consultants take time in visualizing your HR issues and accordingly deliver solutions to remove administrative barriers that hinder the growth of your business. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients find optimum business value through our HR services.

We want our clients and employees to channelize their time on achieving optimum success in the business sphere, to make this a reality Prolific HR is committed to advancing in the field of HR outsourcing, payroll service and talent management.

CILT International Diplomas

in Logistics and Transport

Get qualified as an International Professional in Logistics, Supply Chain and Transport.

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Prolific HR is also an accredited course provider of The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. The CILT is a global membership organisation with more than 33000 members from top logistics and supply chain brands in the world.

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