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About Prolific HR

Prolific HR was founded in 2005 with a mission to help companies achieve a triangular balance of People, Productivity, and Power through strategic partnerships. In a short span of time, we have earned the goodwill of being one of the most trusted HR consultancies in Bangalore, providing innovative and customized result-oriented solutions. Our ‘not one size fits all’ approach helps us design customized HR growth strategies for companies of all shape, size, and scale. Prolific HR Consultancies in Bangalore is all about productivity enhancement through creative manpower solution with the ultimate focus on success in abundance. We partner and collaborate with companies to make manpower more valuable and help them create a perfect work-culture aligned with the business goal for long-term sustained success. Understanding the dynamism of the job market and aligning businesses with contemporary realities makes us the best job consultants in Bangalore.

  • With a humble beginning as a partnership firm in 2005 offering recruitment consultancy, we soon transformed into a limited company and associated with DTDC Group in 2007 and expanded and diversified our HR consultancies in Bangalore basket to offer manpower outsourcing and payroll management services. Now we are a team of highly effective 7000 strong professional job consultants in Bangalore offering not just holistic placement and recruitment service but act actively as guides, strategic partners, and assistants to several renowned MNCs. 

  • Visualizing the need of companies’ complete HR solutions, we added HR technologies and learning in our service basket. We started training courses at CILT in Bangalore in 2012. We earned the credibility to get CILT India accreditation in 2015 and CILT International accreditation in 2016, giving us greater reach and scale to serve better. 

  • Meanwhile, we evolved a quick hiring process in 2015 to help BPO and ITES companies in hiring, train, and on-boarding quality talents to execute the job on the go. We are proud to be a reliable “Trust Bridge” and Manpower consultant in Bangalore for several world-class companies in helping them hire and groom quality talents.

  • The totality of human resource solutions makes us the best manpower consultant in Bangalore, serving several top-notch MNCs and high tech startups. This dynamic shift towards “learning empowers” helped us win tremendous respect across all industries as we made manpower more valuable for sustained long-term outcomes.

  • In the year 2018, we added another service to help global companies meet statutory and regulatory requirements. Our strong team of well-qualified legal brains helps MNCs resolve regulatory challenges and prepares them for smooth operation. 

We always focus on maintaining the balance of the employment equation, so our effort is directed towards finding the right job for the right talent. This approach sets us apart as quality manpower consultancy in Bangalore as we win the trust of both the ends by bridging the gap between job seekers and providers.

We believe that productivity improves only when the manpower is aligned with the company’s goal, and this happens when they understand the work ecosystem. The vast pool of highly-qualified professionals of Prolific HR consultants in Bangalore helps companies create a perfect work ecosystem to help manpower achieve maximum potential with the highest work-happiness.

People are in the center of our triangular balance, and we understand the dynamism of human behavior. Accordingly, we are always in creative mode to evolve custom HR solutions to achieve a healthy balance of People, Productivity, and Power, i.e., Success. The passion of our team to achieve the balance makes us the trusted job consultancy in Bangalore.

With the core philosophy of empowering human resources, Prolific HR believes in creating the right blend of technological and human elements to help organizations flourish. We do so by offering innovative HR solutions to remove administrative barriers for improving operational efficiency and cost reduction. We believe that talent is not just a database, and accordingly, we have developed a robust human-centric profiling module to help companies hire quality manpower. Productivity improvement isn’t just about hiring quality talent but by aligning the person with the company goals. Our well-trained job consultants in Bangalore help companies not only in hiring the best but enable smooth onboarding through a meticulously designed module. 

We understand that new-age companies need a dynamic pool of talents aligned with the business goal, but struggle to focus on hiring and related practices. We have designed a complete smart package for startups to remain free of HR-related issues and focus on core business. We are more than happy that several high-tech startups are reaping rich dividends as our professionally trained manpower consultants in Bangalore are helping them scale new heights efficiently and effectively. The complete HR solution comprising of detailed candidate profiling, hiring, training, onboarding helps enterprises cut hiring expenses, reduce attrition rate, and improve productivity. We do all this with a focus on the ultimate goal of achieving the right work-life-happiness balance.

Visualizing the dynamic shift in work-culture and globalized operation, we have evolved a robust payroll outsourcing solution to help businesses remain free of payroll technicalities, so that they could focus on core business. We are among the best job consultancy in Bangalore, offering world-class payroll outsourcing services for companies of all sizes, types, and scale.

Prolific HR Leadership

We have a firm belief that it is people who drive the boat, and we are here to make the boat stronger, bring a suitable boatman, and train him to sail through even in troubled waters. Our core competency is in building a perfect ecosystem to keep people engaged, focused, inspired, and aligned so that the company could grow with a healthy bottom-line. This is how we bridge the gap with Job Consultancy in Bangalore and Hr Consultancy and achieve the work-life balance.

Managing people is all about partnership, collaboration, and long-lasting relationships. We value the “relationship” most, and we mobilize all possible resources to make sure that the relationship remains strong. We walk with companies in their journey towards success and learn in the process to serve even better. We try our best to be in sync with the mind-body-soul of the company to build a relationship, and we are proud to be the most trusted HR consultancy in Bangalore.

Prolific HR Services
  • HR Consultancy 

  • Talent Acquisition 

  • Job Placement 

  • Manpower Outsourcing 

  • Payroll Outsourcing 

  • Training and Development 

  • CILT International Education 

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