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Prolific HR: CILT International Education


Learn & Grow Stronger, Together

The health and strength of an economy are judged by the efficiency and effectiveness of the logistics and supply chain infrastructure. Evolving customer expectations driven by aggressive digitalization has ignited a new spark in the logistics industry. India, the fastest-growing large economy, is on the cusp of a logistics revolution. In the year 2020, the logistics market in India is expected to reach US$215 billion with the potential to offer 40 million jobs across the vertical. Join logistics courses to learn and hone your skills to be part of this dynamic logistics revolution.

If you go by the global trend, then this is just the beginning of mega-revolution, as an annual investment in the sector is likely to reach US$500 billion by 2025. All you need is to pursue a logistics and supply chain management course from an institution of global reputation, like CILT, and be ready at the right time and the right place to start and scale your career in the logistics and supply chain industry.

Logistics and supply chain management is all about learning skills to plan, organize, and manage goods and services so that the right thing could be delivered at the right place at the right time. Prolific HR, in association with CILT International, a professional body logistic, supply chain, and transport, is offering online diploma courses in logistics and supply chain management to equip you with industry-specific skills in a very professional manner.


Connect Logistically and Grow Exponentially

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), a reputed international institution of logistics and supply chain professionals, is offering online supply chain management and logistics courses in partnership with Prolific HR to prepare aspirants and professionals with industry-specific contemporary skills to make them better fit to rise and shine. We understand the dynamism and undercurrent of the logistics and transport industry, so we design logistics and supply management courses to prepare you to be future-ready according to the global standards.

Driven by the passion for serving the logistics, supply chain, and transport industry, the CILT International in association with Prolific HR is working dedicatedly to help improve the professional standards of the workforce by imparting quality modern education through online diploma courses in logistics and supply chain management.

We are fully aligned with the broader vision of CILT to create a pool of professionally trained logistics workforce and working since 2014 on a mission to make a valuable contribution. We are redefining the learning paradigm by offering advanced learning modules to prepare aspiring logistics & supply chain professionals for the future. The CILT logistics and supply chain management courses will help you learn not only the fundamentals of logistics but impart online and off-campus training, soft-skills, and internships. These 100% job guarantee courses in logistics and supply chain management will equip you with skills that will help you secure better-paying jobs.

The logistics courses are designed in collaboration with academia and industry professionals with a focus on imparting quality industry-specific skills to help aspirants secure a better job and shine. Visualizing the need for skill-upgrade and limitation of time-crunch, we have designed highly customized online diploma courses in logistics and supply chain management to help professionals learn and grow. The 100% job guarantee courses of Prolific HR with CILT certification is one of the most sought after logistics courses in Bangalore.


We understand that traditional degrees aren’t enough to make you a perfect fit for the logistics industry. Prolific HR offers CILT logistics and supply management courses through off-campus and campus training. We are proud that hundreds of students and professionals are getting value education of global standards and making a gainful contribution to the industry. It is all about learning the dynamism of the industry and reshaping to be better aligned with the industry trends for better career progression.

We have moved a notch up and now working as Quality Control Cell of CILT International to monitor the quality of logistics courses across colleges in South India, providing CILT logistics and supply chain courses. Our passionate team of professionals work dedicatedly to ensure that courses are taught according to prescribed global standards so that students could get maximum results in a defined time frame.

We are the official partner of CILT International to provide off-campus logistics training, with a sole focus to impart quality training and help students and professionals learn the advancements in logistics. Our 100% job guarantee courses are custom-designed to help you learn and be future-ready to be part of the global logistics & supply chain industry.

Global Recognition of CILT International 

The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport (CILT), the erstwhile Institute of Transport with a history beginning 1919 was granted the Royal Charter in 1926 by King George V for their exemplary service during World War I, is now one of the most reputed institutes with over 33,000 members across the world. The certification of the reputed CILT International helps you meet the global standards of logistics and supply chain industry. Wherever you are in the world, you will have the backing of the global organization. Enroll in any of the logistics and supply management courses and be a front runner in revolutionizing the way goods and services reach from one end to the other, thereby contributing to the world’s economic development and prosperity.


The success of any business in this digitalized world depends heavily on the efficiency and effectiveness of logistics and supply chain processes. Unlike earlier, logistics management is now a highly sophisticated tech-driven multi-layered operation, requiring highly trained manpower equipped with relevant logistics and supply chain training to manage it efficiently.
The CILT International diploma in logistics and supply chain management will help you learn and master the craft. The 100% job guarantee logistics courses provided by Prolific HR are uniquely designed to help you learn the fundamentals and advancements so that you could get better-paying jobs and shine in your space. The global certification of CILT International will help you venture into the global scene and be a part of global logistics leadership.


Logistics and Supply chain is one of the most dynamic industries, and this dynamism is likely to gain more momentum in time to come. According to the “30th Annual State of Logistics Report”, the U.S. logistics costs rose 11.5% in 2018 to $1.64 trillion, i.e., 8% of the $20.5 trillion of the GDP. This is not just the U.S. but the global phenomena driven by capacity crunch, rapid e-commerce growth, and shortage of qualified logistics professionals.

It is the right time to pursue online diploma courses in logistics and be part of the logistics revolution. All major companies are aggressively in search of quality talents for middle management and leadership positions, and they are more than happy to pay higher than the industry average. You will get better compensation as compared to other industries, and the growth potential is far better than any other industry. It is not just about a 100% job guarantee but a promising growth-oriented career path in the long run.


Quality Learning, Simplified 

It is all about learning without tension. The highly efficient CILT, SIP E-learning Portal, makes it possible for anyone to pursue online diploma logistics courses from anywhere anytime. The single window makes it possible for you to read the finest study materials, track your learning progress, complete assignments, and get assistance from fellow students available online.

Professional Industrial Training

Your certificate in logistics and supply management courses strengthens your suitability for relevant responsibilities in logistics companies. All major companies look for quality certifications. Traditional management degrees aren’t of much help in the current supply chain talent hiring. The advanced and structured industry-oriented online diploma courses provided by CILT International are well acknowledged by companies across the world.

Global Career Opportunity

The CILT certification helps you connect with the professionals of the logistics industry. You will get instant access to CILT qualified professionals across 30 countries. Apart from credibility and connection, your skill-match will help you scale higher effortlessly.


Excellent support provided by the team till the end to ensure that i got the job that i was looking for.

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