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CILT International




We're the leading international professional body for everyone who works within supply chain, logistics and transport.


The purpose of our education partnership is to elevate each professional’s career in the industry of logistics, supply chain and transport to meet global standards.

The passion to raise the image and status of the logistics/ supply chain profession has always been the CILT’s purpose.

Since 2014, Prolific HR has been on the mission to change how aspiring logistics & supply chain professionals learn and grow in the industry, by offering them CILT logistics & supply chain management courses with online/ off-campus training, soft-skills training & internships.

Now, Prolific HR’s Job Guarantee with CILT qualifications has become one of the most popular choices among colleges providing logistics & supply chain courses in Bangalore.

The CILT courses offered at Prolific HR are delivered through off-campus and campus training, and these global qualifications are taken by hundreds of students & professionals every year throughout India.

Prolific HR is also CILT International’s Quality Control Cell for the logistics colleges providing CILT courses in the South Indian region. We make sure the CILT’s global standards of training are followed by each college to create a successful education program for students taking up CILT courses.

As Prolific HR is the official CILT off-campus training provider, we aim to educate and certify students and professionals, helping them to learn how to grow and achieve a global career in the logistics & supply chain business.


The CILT was granted the Royal Charter in 1926 by Queen Elizabeth II.
CILT International qualifications are renowned globally across all our CILT countries – and beyond, offering professional recognition wherever you are in the world.

First established in 1919, The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport is a membership organisation with 33,000 members in countries across the world.


Prolific HR’s International Diploma + Job Guarantee is a unique opportunity for you to get a professional head-start in supply chain/logistics.

The aim for our program is to lay down a great career path and fasten the progress for Indian students to reach global team leader and managerial positions.  

The added benefit of CILT’s global recognition and career support makes this program irresistible.


Logistics and Supply chain is booming and not going to stop.

Specialised knowledge is in demand like never. Companies are hiring middle management at a minimum of 80 lakhs per annum. The rise in consumer demand and e-commerce retail will guarantee you a threefold increase in salary packages in the next 5 years.


Understand your industry like a professional should

Global companies prefer relevant certification when hiring you. Management degrees have lost value in the current supply chain talent hiring. Your learning in CILT emphasize on structured knowledge and updated techniques compared to general subjects offered by Management Colleges.

Pursue your global career

Connect to a global network of professionals. CILT qualified professionals of different membership levels work in more than 30 countries. You will be instantly recognised for global positions. With your CILT membership you become a well-known professional in your sector.

Hassle-free study

Learning is made efficient for you through the CILT SIP's E-learning Portal. Read course content, track your study progress, complete essays and chat with fellow students now online.


Excellent support provided by the team till the end to ensure that i got the job that i was looking for.


CILT courses can be studied flexibly through our off-campus e-Learning platform.
Being the prime qualification institute for professionals across the globe, CILT education programs are designed to meet international standards of the industry.
CILT team of researchers constantly update our modular content to stay ahead in supply chain/ logistics theory and techniques.


Prolific hr accredited by the CILT Secretary General – Keith Newton

Prolific HR is accredited by the CILT in offering professional qualifications in both campus and off-campus setting.  It is also first institute in India to launch the CILT’s Off-Campus ELearning Platform. Prolific HR is the Associate Company of DTDC, the global partner of the supply chain giant – DPD Group.  It is the prime HR partner for DTDC Group. Prolific HR also undertakes the training and qualification of CILT Management Students of DTDC.

Memorable Moment

S.K. Mukhopadhyay, CEO of Prolific HR awarded the accreditation to conduct CILT International certificate, professional diploma and advanced diploma courses by Keith Newton, Secretary General of CILT.


Anindyo Mukhopadhyay, 
Project Director, CILT South India Project

Andy (short name), has been instrumental in promoting CILT qualifications throughout the South Indian region. He is a CILT member and the project director of the Future Logistics Partnership – South India Project (SIP).

He has over 10 years of experience as a pharmacist and information technology enabled services (ITES) training professional, predominantly in pharmaceutical inventory management, order fulfilment, and training on reverse logistics of hardware solutions for personal computer systems. 

He is also a specialist in E-learning, strategized and designed the CILT SIP’s E-Learning Platform.


I have a vision for a fantastic infrastructure in India, and in the Institute I have found the perfect partner.  CILT provides a unique platform enabling individuals to become part of a truly international network, and its presence around the world provides unparalleled opportunities and experiences for Logistics and Transport professionals.