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CILT South India Project - Prolific HR


100% Job placement

/ refund of tuition fee

Why CILT's Diploma with Job Guarantee?
  • Guaranteed Job with Global Brands

  • 6 months Free Internship Programme

  • Refund of Tuition Fee Benefit when Job Guarantee is not fulfilled

  • Course is internationally recognised by logistics & supply chain companies around the globe

  • Students can begin their career like a professional

What to expect?

100 % Job Guarantee / Money-Back Policy Benefit

You create your most powerful Placement Program for your Institute with CILT. You avail the direct benefit of guaranteed job placement in global companies for your students. The students will be placed through our global business networks ideally in companies such as - AMAZON, AEGIS, and DTDC to mention a few.
Also, your students will be eligible for our Money Back Policy Benefit, if Job Guarantee was not fulfilled by us, within three months from the date of completion of the diploma course.


On-the-Job Learning 

Provide your students on-the-job learning opportunities while they study. The CILT’s Internship programme serves the true purpose of professionally empowering students. You help students to self-start their career journey with the CILT Diploma and Certificate of Internship, recognised by all logistics / supply chain organisations in the world.

Who is this course for? 

The course is designed for students in India, who aspire to begin their career in supply chain & logistics profession. The logistics & supply chain is ever growing in the Indian context, accelerating the demand for qualified professionals to sustain the global supply network.

Previously in India, the students who were hired for the industry were graduates and MBA's. Sighting at the lack of industry based knowledge of these students, today’s companies give the highest hiring preference to students with professional qualification with operations and business skills relevant to logistics & supply chain market.

Course Duration

Students should allow a total of 6 months to complete the programme, which includes classroom and self-study hours.

What will students learn?

To achieve the CILT International Diploma, all students must study and pass 4 units.

  • PD01 Management in Logistics and Transport

  • PD02 Supply Chain Management 

  • PD06 Movement of Goods

  • PD15 Project Management

How are students trained?

The training is undertaken by Prolific HR, a CILT Education Partner. The programme’ training model is a combination of on-the-job training and classroom discussions.

The students get the opportunity to up-skill themselves through the help of a real-time organisation set-up coupled with detailed study on current concepts and techniques applied in logistics & supply chain, offering them a win-win situation.

Become a globally recognised institute with us

As our education partner, you will be instantly recognised among CILT’s global professional network giving you the edge and relevance in today’s cut-throat world of education.

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