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Talent Acquisition

We offer a variety of sourcing services to help you hire the best people for your teams with Prolific HR.  Prolific HR’s talent acquisition is the best choice for those looking for vertical & lateral hiring options, fresher and experienced positions for MNC & BPO sector or closing all level positions in supply chain and logistics sector.


Talent Acquisition,

Beyond Vacancy Filling

Hire the Best to Meet Your Volume & Lateral Hiring Requirements with Prolific HR  

In this hyper-competitive talent space, it is super-critical to acquire not just quality but suitable talents to achieve short & long-term business goals in the defined time frame. It is well established that a quality talent pool, strategically in sync with organizational goals, is one of the most important determinants for the success of any organization. A world-class talent acquisition company visualizes the changing job-market dynamics and adopts advanced technologies to identify, attract, and onboard suitable skilled manpower aligned with business goals and project requirements.


In this era of cut-throat competition, no company can take the risk of wasting quality time in the lengthy talent hiring process and end up hiring inefficient talents with high attrition rates. There is no doubt that quality manpower ensures better operational efficiency and a healthy bottom line, but that comes with a robust talent acquisition process. Whether it is voice process or non-voice process jobs, companies need a long-term talent acquisition strategy for smooth operational efficiency. Prolific HR, a well renowned full-service job consultant in Bangalore, is one of the trusted talent acquisition companies in Bangalore serving hundreds of companies of all scale and size in hiring quality talent. 

The highly experienced team of qualified HR professionals of Prolific HR, the best job consultant in Bangalore, uses the cyclical approach for attracting and hiring top-quality talents suitable for short & long-term business goals. Nothing brings more joy than seeing our strategic hiring at leadership positions shaping and scaling companies of all types and sizes. We work with you to keep your employee base strong and satisfied and be future-ready to face any emergency exit or high-volume project hiring. We value talent-driven company growth the most; this is what makes us the best talent acquisition company in Bangalore. 

Redefining Talent Acquisition

Everyone is uniquely talented for one purpose or the other, but when it comes to talent acquisition for any specific company and particular role and responsibility; it is not just a simple recruitment process. Job recruitment is more focused on short-term manpower needs, whereas talent acquisition factors in long-term business goals with a focus on leveraging the power of human capital.


Beyond the vacancy filling, talent acquisition is an ongoing strategy of finding leaders, specialists, and future executives well-aligned with the growth projections and expectations. Prolific HR, a world-class job consultant in Bangalore with a commendable track record, could help you find and groom talents and be future-ready in this challenging candidate-driven market. Our productivity-centric multi-faceted hiring process is rated best by the industry for voice process jobs and non-voice process jobs in Bangalore. Visualizing the dynamism of the job market, we have developed a customized talent acquisition solution to help companies find quality trained talents for BPO jobs in Bangalore. We have a very robust and dynamic process in place to help companies find suitable talents in the quickest possible time at a very competitive cost. 

Business Goal Alignment 

It is well established that the success of an organization depends on effective leadership and the quality of manpower in executive positions. Our highly experienced team of talent acquisition professionals pays special attention to business goal alignment while selecting suitable talents for defined roles and responsibilities. We factor in short and long-term goals and accordingly, device customized talent acquisition strategy to find the best fit for sustained growth. We look beyond just vacancy filling, and this approach makes us the most admired job consultant in Bangalore. Our professionals focus on long-term value creation and addition through suitable talent acquisition. We factor in current and future scaling scenarios and hire talents accordingly to sail your company through competitive landscape smoothly. Whether it is voice process jobs in Bangalore or non-voice process jobs in Bangalore, we are here to make your manpower resource pool ‘present perfect’ and ‘future continuous’. 

Data & Beyond 

Finding suitable talent for sustained growth is a challenging task. For us, every aspect is measurable, so we use data extensively to analyze and measure all possible aspects before finalizing the best talent for defined roles. Attracting quality talents, especially in start-ups and small & medium scale companies, requires value-driven futuristic brand-building effort. Our HR professionals are master of the craft of job-culture branding and positioning. We are the best job consultant in Bangalore known for mobilizing all possible resources for acquiring talents on the same scale as companies mobilize resources for attracting investments. The right mix of data and cognitive science helps us attract quality talents and select the best talents for all types of jobs. 

Diversified Outreach Strategy 

We are living in an era of talent overflow and mismatch, resulting in early fatigue and high attrition and less than optimum productivity. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” in the talent acquisition process. Our highly diversified outreach strategy makes us the best job consultant in Bangalore. We look beyond the traditional approach of sourcing from LinkedIn and job boards and expand our outreach to find suitable skills from exclusive places. Our talent acquisition strategy moves from “what” to acquire to “where” to find and then “how” to attract and select the best. We are rated the best job consultants in Bangalore for voice & non-voice BPO jobs in Bangalore.

Effective Employer Branding

Every professional wants to work with the best companies for one reason or the other. The quality of your talent pool depends on the value of your brand as the most loved and trusted company. As a full-service HR company, we know how to create effective employer branding and leverage the power to attract the best talents for suitable positions in the quickest possible time. When it comes to job consultants in Bangalore, Prolific HR is acclaimed for BPO jobs in Bangalore. We offer customized and flexible talent acquisition solutions for voice and non-voice process jobs in Bangalore. 

Finding to Retaining Quality Talents 

In this era of the digital boom, it is pretty easy to find talents in rich job databases. We look beyond just finding talents and focus more on quality, suitability, and retention of talents by perfectly blending values, culture, and work-life balance. The hawk’s eye approach helps us get the best talents for your company and help drive growth in innovation. Our relationship-centric approach helps us build a highly valuable talent pool to meet your emergency exit requirements. Your talent-driven sustained growth and expansion make us the best job consultant in Bangalore. Be with us to hire the best. 

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