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Level 5 Professional Diploma


The level 5 Professional Diploma is open access and no prior qualifications are required.


The Professional Diploma consists of four units: 1 Mandatory and 1/2 of Elective units, 1/2 of Optional Units.


Mandatory Unit

  • Management in Logistics and Transport PD01 


Elective Units 

  • Supply Chain PD02 

  • Transport Operations PD03 

  • Transport Planning PD04 


Optional Units 

  • Inventory PD05 

  • Movement of Goods PD06 

  • Movement of People PD07 

  • Production Planning PD08 

  • Retail Logistics PD09 

  • Sourcing and Procurement PD10 

  • Transport Planning Techniques PD11 

  • Transport and Society PD12 

  • Warehousing PD13 

  • International Business PD14 

  • Project Management PD15 

Duration of study

The guided learning hours required are set at 360 hours.

Learners have three years to complete their study. Extensions are available on request up to a maximum of 18 months in 6 month increments.


The assessment for this qualification is by Institute assessment, which consists of an examination for the Core and Elective units and assignments for the two Optional Units.


The CILT(UK) offer this qualification by Distance Learning, the cost includes all Learning Materials, Exam/Assessment fees, access to a Distance Learning Advisor and Learner Registration for the duration of your study.(please note examination resits are not included in this cost) 


For further details on the CILTI (UK) Bangalore Chapter, please contact:

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