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Manpower & Payroll



Motivated manpower is the strongest driving force behind the success of any organization. Apart from the skill-to-responsibility match, it is the salary package that keeps the manpower motivated to achieve the impossible. It is not just the figure, but the process that makes it happen and a world-class payroll management system could help you build and maintain a strong and motivated pool of talents. 

All organizations, big or small, invest a huge amount of time, energy, and money in hiring and training quality manpower. In the contemporary dynamic job marketplace, it is very challenging for any organization to be 24x7 ready to manage manpower and payroll related activities. It takes quality time and energy that should ideally go to the core business. A professional payroll outsourcing company could help you solve all your payroll related worries. Prolific HR, a renowned manpower consultant in Bangalore with a vast pool of experienced professional payroll experts, offers world-class payroll outsourcing services to help businesses improve operational efficiency and strengthen bottom-line. 


We live in a world of hyper-optimization driven cost-effectiveness to make business more competitive. The payroll outsourcing system is one such effort to streamline businesses for operation efficiency and effective, productive gain. It has now been well-established that payroll outsourcing services has several advantages in terms of time, energy, and money-saving. Whether your enterprise is small, medium or big, a professional payroll outsourcing company could help you improve your performance by making manpower more motivated and productive. Businesses are bounded by regulatory provisions to maintain records of wages and remuneration, working hours, taxation, EPF, and other labor law formalities. A simple mistake anywhere could invite the big trouble of long legal battle which normally ends in hefty penalties. A fully managed payroll management process helps you build a perfect payroll system and saves you from the regulatory compliance headache. Payroll management system offers several benefits, such as:


  • Expertise Matters

It is very challenging and costly for small and medium enterprises to build an in-house team of professionals to manage manpower and payroll. It is wiser to hire a quality payroll outsourcing services provider and enjoy the benefits of highly qualified and experienced experts, which otherwise isn’t possible at a competitive cost. 


  • Save Cost 

The health of the bottom-line depends on operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. If you compare with the in-house cost, outsourcing the payroll management process is highly cost-effective. You can use the saved money in channeling other resources for strengthening the core business. Experts of payroll outsourcing companies are professionally trained to execute the task effectively in minimum possible time. Payroll software is good, but it won’t be helpful beyond calculating and distributing salaries or generating reports. Highly experienced payroll specialists of payroll outsourcing services provider walk with you to solve all your payroll related challenges, including regulatory compliance. 

  • Saves Time

In this era of intense competition if you are spending your quality time in payroll related issues and not focusing on core business, then you are missing the big opportunity. A high-end payroll management system assisted by experts could help save your quality time. It is not just about the end-of-the-month activity; it is about building a robust, sustainable system for long term gain.

  • High Accuracy 

When it comes to payroll, there is no room for any error. A simple mistake could create a huge problem. A quality payroll management process ensures that your payroll and accounting is 100% accurate. Payroll experts develop a full-proof process with a multilayered check, leaving no room for any kind of fraud within the organization, so you remain free of any such possibility.


  • Smart Salary Process

The efficiency of a payroll management system is judged by the level of automation and accuracy in salary disbursal. Irrespective of the number of employees, the payroll management process helps you deposit salaries through an automated process on-time. Noting brings more joy on the faces of your employee than the “Salary is credited in your account” message.


  • Efficient Tax Processing

If your payroll system isn’t perfect, it could lead to inaccurate tax filing resulting in legal action and penalties. A highly trained professional of payroll outsourcing services provider ensures that your tax compliance in perfect, thereby reducing the chances of any tax-related issues.

  • Cutting Edge Technology 


If it might not be feasible for you to invest a huge amount in acquiring the most advanced technologies for managing payroll. A professionally managed payroll outsourcing company offers you access to the most advanced technologies. This helps in improving the overall operational efficiency of your organization.

  • Statutory Compliance

The success of your business and peace of mind depends on you how effective your regulatory compliance standards are. There is no room of any lacuna when it comes to the law of the land. India is known for its excessive regulatory requirements and cumbersome process. It is always better to act fair, and you could do so only if you have access to a quality advisory. A full-service payroll outsourcing company could cut your statutory compliance load drastically. They keep you updated about changing rules and regulations and accordingly help you align your payroll process.

What Makes Prolific HR Best in Payroll Outsourcing Service?

Prolific HR, a renowned manpower consultancy in Bangalore, is one of the most trusted payroll outsourcing services providers. A team of highly experienced HR professionals has been providing innovative HR solutions for more than ten years across India. With a thorough understanding of Indian statutory compliance requirements, Prolific HR is servicing 6000+ employees in enterprises of all sizes, types, and scale. 


Our experts take care of your payroll compliance obligations such as the PF, ESI, Professional Tax (PT), TDS, and Labor Welfare Fund (LWF). We manage everything from:

  • Calculating Payable Days

  • Leave Encashment Days

  • Notice Period Recovery

  • Investment Proofs and Reimbursement Claims

  • Other Payments & Deductions

  • Consolidated Reports of Payable & Recoverable, Tax, and Other Expenses Receipts

Salaries, Reimbursements and Arrears Processing

  • Payroll Processing Complaint With Statutory Legislative Updates

  • Induction Investment Information Processing 

  • Consolidated Reporting 

  • Reimbursement Claims Verification & Integration 

  • Arrear Register Maintenance 

Statutory Compliance


We know it is a challenging and painful task. We are here to take your load by proving:

  • Expert inputs on changing compliance standards 

  • Ethical Adherence practices with strict timeline adherence

  • Error-Free Data with Centralized Access 

  • Professional Assistance During Government Inspections & Audits

Real-time Expert Advice

Our subject-matter experts are available anytime anywhere. Just relax; they are master of the craft to take care of all your payroll related worries. 

  • Our custom payroll solutions are flexible enough to match your needs. 

  • Dedicated experts to help you focus more on core business. 

  • We value the relationship most. Rest assured of the finest support from experts. 

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